Zombie Combat Simulator v1.1.9 Apk Mod (Unlimited Live) Free Download

Zombie Combat Simulator v1.1.9 Apk Mod (Unlimited Live) Free Download

Here we discussed Zombie Combat Simulator v1.1.9 Apk Mod, Zombie Combat Simulator – a fun activity in which you won’t just shoot several zombies, yet in addition get positions on the guide. To enable you to will be given a unit of bots or genuine players. On the off chance that you are excessively exhausted, making it impossible to play with AI, gather a group of players and go about, all in all, set a record for catching the domain. Zombies, coincidentally, can be of various kinds, some imperceptible, others shoot poison balls, so be watchful. Zombie Combat Simulator v1.1.9 Apk Mod (Unlimited Live) Free Download

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Zombie Combat Simulator v1.1.9 Apk Mod (Unlimited Live) Free Download

Zombie Combat Simulator is another, prominent and engaging activity and war recreation diversion from the AirBlade studio for Android, discharged for nothing on Google Play, and we’ve chosen, as usual, without precedent for Iran, alongside the Mood Present you and cheer! By introducing Zombie Combat Simulator on your tablet or Android telephone, it’s an energizing activity amusement with lovely 3D designs, the third-individual point of view and zombie topics, alongside editors to enable you to alter the earth and principles of the diversion to your preferences. You will understanding! In Editor mode, you can decide the situation of the battle powers, their weapons, their level of protection from wounds, wellbeing, development speed and position of the zombies and their conduct controlled by man-made brainpower! Also, in the amusement Zombie Combat Simulator Apk mod you can change the tenets to your preferring, perhaps you ask yourself how ?! For instance, you can indicate that Soldier and Zombie units are naturally produced to the size you determine! Likewise, while playing the states of triumph and disappointment, you can change the state of getting to be zombies and different components. You can utilize the current illustrations and make a fabulous activity diversion! Zombie Combat Simulator without a doubt draws in aficionados of activity diversions, zombie-based battle test systems.

Zombie Combat Simulator Apk Mod Latest is a very noteworthy diversion where you will battle zombies. Zombies who attack the world and need to taint vast infections everywhere throughout the world don’t abandon this reason and they take a shot at it always in the research centers. Be that as it may, one must forestall them, generally, the entire world will soon be affected by this infection and everybody will transform into the zombie. The diversion has two distinctive playing choices, you can keep this war without anyone else’s input, on the off chance that you like you can play with different players on the web.

The best piece of Zombie Combat Simulator amusement is that you can play in groups. You develop a hall from the web and gather your group and you are attempting to pulverize them by altering tasks on zombies’ research centers as a group. With noteworthy weapons and spaces you can be dependent on this amusement, simply download and attempt it!

Zombie Combat Simulator is a free amusement application for Android which gives you a chance to endeavor to plan and make your own one of a kind shooting diversion, however, a sandbox mode capacity and set your coveted presets, and guidelines.The amusement offers you a diversion creation module where you may outline your own amusement setting up the AI practices and changing guidelines, for example, weapons, harm obstruction, wellbeing, development speed, amusement time, states of triumph and annihilation, zombie disease, and so on.

In addition, you may likewise set up the unit bring forth a framework that can consequently produce troopers and zombies. In any case, on the off chance that you would prefer not to take every necessary step, the application as of now offers you presets that is prepared to be played. Furthermore, for the multiplayer mode, play with companions through nearby WiFi.Download the Zombie Combat Simulator and get the chance to outline your own one of a kind shooting amusement.

Zombie Combat Simulator might be another, standard and interesting activity and war reproduction amusement from the AirBlade studio for ANDROID, released at no cost on Google Play, and we’ve set, as usual, for the essential time in an Asian nation, close by the Mood blessing you and celebrate! By putting in Zombie Combat machine on your pill or ANDROID telephone, it’s an energizing activity amusement with staggering 3D designs, third-individual viewpoint and zombie subjects, close by editors to help you to tweak the air and guidelines of the game to your inclination.

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you’ll encounter! In Editor mode, you’ll have the capacity to check the situation of the battle powers, their weapons, their level of protection from wounds, wellbeing, development speed and position of the zombies and their conduct controlled by man-made consciousness! moreover, inside the amusement Zombie Combat machine you’ll have the capacity to change the standards to your inclination, maybe you raise yourself. (Zombie Combat Simulator v1.1.9 Apk Mod (Unlimited Live) Free Download)

Doomsday, lose hope, fear, emergency … the snapshot of life and demise has come, overcome troopers prepared to go! Valor, confidence, solid, trust … this minute, the destiny of the courses of action, decides our future!

Doomsday fear, by and by encompassed us! The imperativeness of the past is not anymore, and the individuals who are absurd, wicked, awful animals – zombie corps, is moving toward us well ordered!

Savage, eager horrible, with the goal that you generally fear! What’s more, you, hold your own fate, the hands of the weapons decide your life and passing! Is a trade-off, is to get away, or valor, bleeding fight at last? I think this Zombie Combat Simulator will give you the most energizing “Doomsday Fight” understanding!

Amazing three-dimensional impacts, genuine 3D scenes, reestablish the embodiment of the weapon fight topic!

The predicament, you will pick and companions through various challenges? Solidarity and participation, with the quality of the group so the adversary feels fear it! Brilliant not to be missed!


  • Sandbox mode: In this mode, you can create the units in any location and decide on their weapons, damage resistance, health, movement speed, some AI behaviors, etc.Moreover, You can modify the rules of the game, such as unit spawn system that can automatically spawn soldiers and zombies. As well as the game of time, conditions of victory and defeat, zombie infection, etc. In short, You can make the gameplay a big change by simply modify the rules. Of course, if you do not want to do it by self I also give you some preset ways to play;
  • Third Person Shooter: You can create a soldier and control it to move, aim and shoot;
  • Multiplayer: You can play with others online, or play with your friends through WIFI router.


  • Add a replacement map – Bunker;
  • Bug fixes


  • Free Shopping
  • New map – Parking;
  • Cache map now has zero gravity effect;
  • Headshot will increase 100{cf5fb1b3857c215175cc2049b4311f8d50c56c4ce6d52f2f34293ee22c4724eb} stun and 200{cf5fb1b3857c215175cc2049b4311f8d50c56c4ce6d52f2f34293ee22c4724eb} knockback;
  • Weapon stats adjustments;
  • Bug fixes;

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