Mystery of Fortune 2 1.047 Apk + Mod (Full Money) For Android

Mystery of Fortune 2 1.047 Apk + Mod (Full Money) For Android

In this post, we have discussed Mystery of Fortune 2 1.047 Apk + Mod (Full Money) For Android. Defense of Fortune a pair of, Associate in Nursing mechanical man tower defense kind game within whichwe have a tendency to tried to occupy all castles on the continent by applying completely different methods.
Phone and turn out dozens of troops close to the castle of our game we will play a hand in making an attempt to seize a free transfer on our pill, on the opposite hand, is
fighting with the enemy troops offensive from all sides to end North American nation, we have a tendency to defend our own place.In this post we able to download Mystery of Fortune 2 1.047 Apk + Mod (Full Money) For Android

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Mystery of Fortune 2 1.047 Apk + Mod (Full Money) For Android

We begin the sport by choosing one in all the 3 countries. once you’ve got created your country choice adjusts the extent of problem, and that we area unit reaching to
display our unity we will manage. Initially, the military solely five yönetebilirk that may manage a lot of troopers by rank increases; we will go up to twelve troopers.
After this show have an effect on the course of the war area unit beginning to finally fight. The place is termed the enemy of all resources goes to own won the sport

Rules of the Game

  • each battle ar conducted mechanically. The Player side arm originated methods and level up units for the battle, before the battles starts.
  • you would like to line up a fighting AI known as battle macro to units before the battle starts. for instance, you may originated the most effective strategy for battles by collection condition and run sentence like – “Use abilityonce encounters enemy in shut range” and “Heal yourself once you lost five hundredth HP”.
  • within the public house you visit before you enter the dungeon, you’ll be able to get some hints for your strategy, rent new units, purchase things and battle macro to arrange for subsequent battle.
  • Once the battle starts, the Player spectates the battle. you’ll be able to use things to heal your units or fill Ether once you want.
  • once your units clear enemies within the current wave, they mechanically proceed to subsequent wave. If you lost each unit within the battle, exploration ends.
  • once the exploration ends, you receive gold and things that you just will use to upgrade your units.

the way to use Google cloud-saving

  • Caution: Google cloud-saving write knowledge to your phone, therefore your existing knowledge may well bedeleted. victimization once you transfer knowledge when ever-changing device solely is suggested.


Gameplay Screenshots:

Features ( Mystery of Fortune 2)

  •  twenty five on the market units and over thirty five monsters.
  • Battle macro system that helps battles.
  • ever-changing category system enables you to acquire varied skills and methods.
  • a lot of gears and things to equip and collect.
  • Total eighty five dungeons in fourteen states to explore.
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Download  (Mystery of Fortune 2 Mod Apk)

New Mod Version Coming soon


How to download and install (Mystery of Fortune 2)

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to be compelled to transfer the apk file and obb file of ( Mystery of Fortune 2)on your smartphone. you’ll even transfer the files to your laptop computer or laptop and so transfer it to your smartphone via USB cable. when downloading the apk file on your smartphone, find it and click on on install. However, a number of you’ll notice that the installation method isn’t happening. Why is it so?
  2. It may be attributable to your phone’s settings which may be preventing the installation from unknown sources. So, in this case, you’ll have to be compelled to modify the settings initially.
  3. To change your phone’s setting, you’ll have to be compelled to attend settings choice and appearance for ‘Lock screen and security’ and click on thereon. Next, you’ll realize completely different choices as shown in the screenshot. Out of those, attend the choice of Unknown sources and swipe towards the proper to modify the installation from ‘unknown sources’.
  4. Additionally, you’ll be asked whether or not you wish to use this setting for all transfers or simply for that individual download. So, you’ll opt for the choice consequently.
  5. currently, open the downloaded file of  Mystery of Fortune mod apk. you’ll find the file either by employing a file manager or by directly getting to the downloads list.
  6. Once you have got set the apk file, open it and click on ‘Install’. directly, the installation method can begin.
  7. Now, look ahead to the installation method to complete. It typically takes few seconds. Next, the screen can show ‘Installed’ standing.
  8. currently, once more attend the downloads list and find the obb file (.zip). Extract the file using an extracting tool. Next, you’ll have to be compelled to copy the extracted files to the location: sdcard/Android/obb. After this, you’ll run your game and luxuriate in the gameplay.

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