Lucky Patcher Apk Download All Versions For Android 2019

Lucky Patcher Apk Download All Versions For Android 2019

Lucky Patcher Apk can hack numerous diversions effortlessly with the Lucky Patcher device. Change numerous applications and amusements with this allowed to utilize instrument. Get free coins and cash in the amusements. Additionally square undesirable promotions from applications. You needn’t bother with root to utilize the mods, yet it is prescribed. “Lucky Patcher apk” will look over your android applications after it’s introduced to perceive what applications can be fixed. At that point will prescribe what patches are accessible for what applications. You can likewise evacuate the check of licenses so you can utilize a paid application without an issue. There’s likewise a choice to change authorizations of nosy applications.

So’ What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher Apk analyzes the list of installed apps on your device and indicates the actions you can carry out, among which you’ll find the possibility to remove the license verification included on many apps that require them to be downloaded from Google Play to work; modify the associated permissions; extract the APK file to do backups; and other illicit actions like removing Google Ads or unlocking paid apps to be able to install them on other devices. The latter in particular we obviously do not support around here. Read All About Lucky Patcher Apk Click Here.

  • Green: Can be registered and disconnected from Google Play
  • Yellow: Has a specific patch available
  • Blue: Includes Google Ads
  • Purple: A system startup app.
  • Orange: A system app.
  • Red: Cannot be modified

If You Dont Know How To Root Any Android Phone Plesase check This Article 

Lucky Patcher Apk Download All Versions For Android Latest 2019

Lucky Patcher works by simply changing the app data from the storage. Lucky Patcher Apk needs root access to modify the app or game data. … Lucky Patcher Apk Latest 2019 is a simple and awesome app to hack Android apps and games on rooted devices. But sometimes, it causes the system to become unstable and data loss.

If you don’t know that How to Use Lucky Patcher No Root Smartphone Device then check out and read this lucky patcher apk article guide below guide from here

lucky patcher Download All versions
lucky patcher Download All versions


Download All Verison Of Lucky Patcher Orignal Apk 2019

Lucky Patcher Download Apk V8.1.7
Old Versions Of Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher Download Apk V7.4.1 Lucky Patcher Download Apk V7.3.8 Lucky Patcher Download Apk V7.3.7 Lucky Patcher Download Apk V7.3.6 Lucky Patcher Download Apk V7.3.5

How to Use the Application?

“Lucky Patcher Apk” could be a terribly straightforward application, with it you’ll be able to eliminate license checks and annoying ads in a very matter of seconds. Of course, to use it you want to be a root user. simply open the app you’ll realize an inventory of put in applications marked in numerous colors. Before showing you ways to unblock them you would like to understand the color indications to avoid inconveniences:

Here is Five Ways To Use Luckcy Pacher in your Android Device

  • Green: these apps will register virtually safely
  • Yellow: there’s a special patch out there to unlock this application
  • Blue: an app with ads
  • Violet: apps marked for repair once the mobile restarts
  • Red: this app can’t be patched
  • Orange: these are the system applications, we have a tendency to suggest you are doing not bit them

Is Necessary Android Device is Rooted?

Short Answer is: No, Let’s Start

How To Use The Lucky Patcher Apk Without Root.

lucky patcher without root
lucky patcher without root

First, download the Lucky Patcher APK File from here

Download Apk
  1. After downloading, open it
  2. Now, Install the APK Files
    (Now must allow installations from unknown sources in your device’s settings)
  3. Open the Lucky Patcher Original Application
  4. & Click on any Application you want to modify
  5. After clicking on any application, you will see App Info, Launch App options
  6. Click on the ‘Open Menu of Patches‘ option there.
  7. Click on Create modified.apk option there
  8. Click on Launch option there for starting the new modified.apk file

If Some qustion in your mind About this you want to learn more how to use Lucky Patcher Apk without Root 


Some Other Lucky Patcher Apk Features:

  • Remove ads from apps and games. The app will sight the apps with advertising on your device. It will take away ads from most of the apps and games simply.
  • Remove license verification of professional apps. therefore you don’t have to be compelled to get something from the play store. Lucky patcher is ready to interrupt in-app purchase verification.
  • Lucky Patcher will bypass license verification from Play Store, So, you’ll be able to enjoy several paid humanoid apps and games for gratis.
  • Modify app permission. several apps and games asked for unwanted app permissions. typically it’s tough to trust AN unknown app. Lucky Patcher apk may be accustomed take away any app permissions if not appears necessary.
  • You can take a backup of your apps and games downloaded from play store to your SD card with the app. otherwise you may also backup any apps or games when modifying.
  • Different helpful tools are offered.
  • The app supports completely different colors to identify the state of the apps.
  • For higher user expertise lucky patcher shows several colors to grasp the state of affairs of the app simply.
  • Root access required for all the options. The app will perform several tasks while not root however if you would like to urge all the options of the app, you want to root your smartphone or pill.

Now that you just recognize the variations between the various colors you’ll be able to simply determine the apps to patch. Here’s the way to proceed for every one of the chances offered by Lucky Patcher: take away licenses verification, take away ads and apply specific patches.

Remove License Verification:

lucky patcher Apk

Click on the appliance for a number of seconds then choose the choice “Remove license verification”

Now choosing “automatic mode”

In case it doesn’t work, attempt the “automatic reverse mode” or the “extreme automatic mode”

Once finished the procedure you’ll be able to patch all the apps you wish then restart the mobile (it is vital that you just don’t open any patched app till you restart the computer)

Remove Ads:

lucky patcher Apk

Press on the app for a number of seconds and opt for the choice “Remove ads”

When you end you’ll be able to continue with different applications, keep in mind to not open them till you restart your mobile

Apply Specific Patch:

lucky patcher Apk


Press a number of seconds on the appliance and choose the choice “Specific patch”

As with the previous ones, you’ll be able to patch different apps, however not open them till you restart the pc

That’s it, once the phone is restarted you’ll be able to get pleasure from your full apps or while not ads. If you discover it helpful, we have a tendency to invite you to depart your opinion within the comments: have you ever found any problem? however has your expertise with Lucky Patcher been?

What kinds of Cheats / Hacks / Mods are possible using Lucky Patcher?

  • Unlimited Health / God Modes
  • Unlimited Gems / Money / Gold
  • Unlimited Items, XP, Stats
  • All Unlocks
  • Speedhacks, wallhacks, aimbots, other mods
  • Utility hacks, such as showing information and invisible elements
  • Automated reward collection other automation and bot-like features

The possibilities are endless when it comes to patches and mods, but not everything is available for every single game, as always. Make sure you get the latest version of Lucky Patcher to make you get mods and cheats for the latest version of your game.

How to Video Tutorial:

How To Install lucky patcher Apk Latest Version

Step 1: Firstly download the lucky patcher apk file from the given download link ( This link is Orignal Lucky Patcher Apk)

Download Apk

Step 2: Secondly Turn of your Unknown Sources off From Your Setting

Step 3: Now Find the Apk from your file manager

Step 4: Then Open the Orignal Lucky Patcher Apk Click On Install button

If App is not Installing follow These Step

Step 6: Firstly open Play Store


Step 7: Then Open Menu And Scroll Down

Step 8: Click On Play protect then Click on Scan device For Security threats

Lucky Patcher Install

Step 9: Disable Scan Device For Security Threats

lucky patcher Apk
lucky patcher Apk

Step 10: If It will Show you warning Ignore that and simple click on ok

lucky patcher Apk
lucky patcher Apk


Q. Is it safe to utilize Lucky patcher apk file?

Ans. Gadget security: Till this date, there are in excess of 20 million clients of Lucky patcher yet there is no proof that individuals got their gadget harmed due to lucky patcher. In this way, you will be 100% safe yet you may even now get blunders about play store saying no web association yet you can settle those issues.

Q. Are all applications and diversions bolstered?

Ans. In spite of the fact that Lucky patcher bolsters numerous applications and recreations, it is relatively difficult to make it take a shot at all the applications and amusements in light of the fact that each applications and diversions are extraordinary. They have a distinctive method for anchoring installment or keep their application from changing so the default arrangement of adjusting projects may work for some applications and fizzle for some others. In reality, it relies on your fortunes that whether you get an achievement or not, or, in other words, to name this application as “Lucky” patcher. In addition, it requires your expertise to utilize this instrument. There are numerous potential outcomes, for example, numerous modes are accessible for a License check, on the off chance that you pick shrewdly, you will get the achievement and to settle on the insightful choice you need to attempt somewhat harder.

Q. How does Lucky patcher apk function?

Ans. Lucky patcher replaces the first code with new adjusted one and for some situation, it expels totally unique code to get required highlights. For example, on the off chance that you apply to fix to evacuate License confirmation, it expels the piece of the code that is composed to check License from the application.

The basic working techniques are:

The custom fix is made physically for each application and amusement.

Bypassing License check process is the same for all cases yet works just on half of the cases, we can’t answer you why.

Blocking promotions really work impeccably and are one of Lucky patcher include that doesn’t rely upon Luck.

Q. I connected Custom fix yet for what reason does It say Patch Cannot be connected?

Ans. However “Custom fix accessible” is composed underneath the application/amusement, now and then fix can’t be connected on the grounds that the application/diversion rendition you have introduced on your gadget is unique in relation to the one for which the custom fix was made. Read the directions precisely beneath “custom fix depiction” and redesign/minimize your application/amusement as required.

Q. Google Chrome says “This file can be unsafe”. Is Lucky patcher an infection?

Ans. Chrome shows this message for each .apk file that you download. This is only a notice message, you can overlook it.

Q. For what reason does Lucky patcher run gradually and Hang a great deal?

Ans. There can be two reasons. Initial one, your gadget is old and runs Android Gingerbread. On the off chance that this is the conditions, everything we can state is updated your gadget. The second one, Busybox isn’t appropriately introduced or your superuser application isn’t great. Take a stab at introducing SuperSU and busybox.

Q. Is Lucky patcher accessible for IOS gadgets?

Ans. As of now, Lucky patcher is accessible for Android as it were. Also, there is a significantly less shot that it will be accessible on IOS except if immense updates is conveyed to it which likely won’t occur.

Q. Why this application gets so many updates?

Ans. The applications and diversions for which the patches are made, get visit refreshes, the patches will be obsolete and we need to reconstruct them. In this way, we need to refresh much every now and again.

Q.Modded play store isn’t opening/Play store lost subsequent to introducing modded play store.

Ans. On the off chance that play store isn’t opening and showing “Power Close” message, have a go at clearing information in your gadget’s settings. On the off chance that the play store has vanished from the application cabinet, this is on the grounds that you introduced the unsupported Play store, take a stab at introducing a more seasoned form.

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