King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

In this post, we have discussed King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download.King of Raids: Magic Dungeons – a game on Android, where you will wade through dangerous dungeons and fight with the forces of evil. Take control of the brave hero and lead him through all levels of the game. Horrible monsters and dark forces dwelling in the dungeons, want to get free and destroy your city, do not let them do it. Navigate through the labyrinths of the dangerous dungeon and destroy the enemies of those who have risen in your path while trying to traverse all the traps. All levels in this game will generate randomly so that each new passing game will be unique. Use unique abilities of your character and improve it by adding new equipment.In this post we able to download King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

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King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

King of Raids gives everything you have to expect from such dungeon adventures video games and it even units the bar to a higher stage through imparting easy hack n shrink gameplay, sensible sound consequenceswonderful photos and designs, such a lot of surprising demanding situationsa huge variety of armor and weaponry and lots more. Your goal is to fight in opposition to bosses in every dungeon and of route try to accumulate gold and loot, slay monsters, unlock rifts and be the top in the leaderboard.

Darkness is all over and you’re the sole hope of the city to bring back justice, fight against brutal enemies and polish off monsters. So, does one suppose you’ve got what it takes to hack and slash your approach through the harmful and surprising dungeons, avoid deadly traps, polish off monsters, collect powerful loot and take down the bosses?

King of Raids is for people who are into action RPG games and ar a devotee of hack n slash gameplay. It delivers hours of intense battles with rattling graphics and sound effects that basically offer you the sensation of being tried in a very dungeon choked with monsters and traps. The interface is extremely easy and you simply ought to play this game for a couple of times to utterly get accustomed the controls. After that, it’s concerning on the road, finding the enemies and attempting to require them down and preparing for a one-on-one combat against the boss.

Dungeons are every which way generated to form certain there are continually new challenges and surprises looking forward to you. Your main objective of every dungeon if defeating the boss at the tip. But, you initially ought to to polish off totally different monsters by victimization your weapons and confirm to avoid the deadly traps. Speaking of the weapons, you’ve got access to a robust arsenal and every weapon has its own set of skills. as an example, if you utilize the Warhammer against the enemy, it shoots a series of lightning ahead of you and damages all the monsters in its path. Note that, a number of your skills have cooldowns and value mana to use. therefore use them safely.


If you’re yearning for additional challenges, ready to} unlock rifts and maximize stats on your gear to be able to fight against stronger bosses with higher problem levels. And there’s conjointly the choice to attach your Google Play Games account to the present RPG journey game and revel in the seasonal leaderboard and vie with friends and family in larger rifts.

Gameplay Screenshots:

King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

King of Raids Magic Dungeons 2.0.65 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

King of Raids Magic Dungeons 2.0.65 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download

King of Raids Magic Dungeons v2.0.72 Apk + Mod (free Gem shopping) Download


  •  simple to be told hack and slash gameplay
  • gorgeous graphics with rattling environments
  • Cool sound effects and realistic close sounds
  • totally totally different levels of difficulties and different challenges
  • every which way generated dungeons
  • Master totally different weapon sorts and talents
  • Leaderboard feature to challenge friends and family
  • dungeon RPG offline game for the mechanical man
  • Free with no ads

What’s New

Extra a coffee health indicator once below V-day horsepower – player ought to currently car communicate nighest facing enemy once victimization basic attack or some skills – google saved games currently mass on initial startup properly – bug fixes – performance enhancements (King of Raids Magic Dungeons mod money free download)

Download (King of Raids Magic Dungeons):


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How to Download and Install (King of Raids Magic Dungeons):

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to be compelled to transfer the apk file and obb file of King of Raids Magic Dungeons on your smartphone. you’ll even transfer the files to your laptop computer or laptop and so transfer it to your smartphone via USB cable. when downloading the apk file on your smartphone, find it and click on install. However, a number of you’ll notice that the installation method isn’t happening. Why is it so?
  2. It may be attributable to your phone’s settings which may be preventing the installation from unknown sources. So, in this case, you’ll have to be compelled to modify the settings initially.
  3. To change your phone’s setting, you’ll have to be compelled to attend settings choice and appearance for ‘Lock screen and security’ and click on thereon. Next, you’ll realize completely different choices as shown in the screenshot. Out of those, attend the choice of Unknown sources and swipe towards the proper to modify the installation from ‘unknown sources’.
  4. Additionally, you’ll be asked whether or not you wish to use this setting for all transfers or simply for that individual download. So, you’ll opt for the choice consequently.
  5. Currently, open the downloaded file of King of Raids Magic Dungeons mod apk. you’ll find the file either by employing a file manager or by directly getting to the downloads list.
  6. Once you have got set the apk file, open it and click on ‘Install’. directly, the installation method can begin.
  7. Now, look ahead to the installation method to complete. It typically takes few seconds. Next, the screen can show ‘Installed’ standing.
  8. currently, once more attend the downloads list and find the obb file (.zip). Extract the file using an extracting tool. Next, you’ll have to be compelled to copy the extracted files to the location: sdcard/Android/obb. After this, you’ll run your game and luxuriate in the gameplay.