How To Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root?

How To Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root?

In these days smartphones are very important for everyone. But nowadays new features are coming up, In which we get so many stock apps already available on our Android device. Which are not remove-able or we can say it can not be deleted, these apps slow down the performance of an Android device. As usual, we can remove these apps with the use of root only, but now we figured out To Uninstall System Apps Android. In this post, we are going to tell you How To Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root?

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How To Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root? (Simple Methods)

So What Is The Stock Apps?

In Android, there some stock apps that are pre-installed from Google or the manufacturer company. As we all know, pre-installed bloatware is almost useless.

Why Do We Need To Uninstall?

As we all know, pre-installed bloatware is almost useless, and stock apps slow down the performance of our device which is not value for money. When we remove these applications it gives a boost to the performance of the android device.

Methods Uninstall System Apps Of Android


1. Debolater

This software helps you to uninstall system apps without root. You have to Download and install it in your Windows PC. Then you have to connect your mobile to your PC. Now it will show your all apps. I will provide you step by step guide in the below-given article.

2. USB Debugging

You have to enable  USB Debugging on your android phone. Because before enabling it, you can not connect your device with your PC. To enable USB Debugging, You have to open your phone setting. Then open Developer Mode. If you not found developer mode in your settings. Then go to About Phone. Now tap on Build Number (7-8 Times). Then go back. Then open Developer Option and then enable USB Debugging.


There are two methods to Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root?

#Method 1: Uninstall System Apps

Step 1. First of all, navigate to settings

Step 2. Now you need to tap on “Apps.”

Step 3. Now you need to tap on Application Manager

Step 4. Like in the screenshot mentioned below, it’s the game that I got, and you can see it doesn’t have an option of “Uninstall.” So, here you need to tap on “Force Stop” and then tap on “Disable.”

That’s it! Now repeat it for every app that you think you will need. This will disable the app. If you need to uninstall it completely, then you need to follow the next method to Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root?

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#Method 2: Uninstall System Apps

Simply Download and Install Debloater software in your PC, from above link in requirements, then open it after successful Installation.

Then Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging in your device, if not done then follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to Phone Setting – About Phone – Tap 7 Times On Build Number.

Step 2: Then Go TO Settings – Developer Options – Enable USB Debugging.

Step 3: After Enable USB Debugging, MAke sure ADB Drivers for your Device in PC already installed, if not then search on google regarding your device’s drivers and install them.

Step 4: Now Connect your Device with your PC/Laptop via USB Data cable.

Step 5: Now Click on Read Device Packages button from Debloater Software in your PC.

Step 6: Wait for a few seconds, it will show you all the installed apps in your device.

Step 7: Double Click on Any app of your choice which you want to Disable/Uninstall and then click on Apply Button.

Step 8: and you are done, now you will not see that app which you uninstalled from your device via Debloater software from your PC.

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“WARNING”– Do Not uninstall System Apps like Framework.apk if you remove this system app then it can cause bootloop, what is bootloop? bootloop causes a defect in your windows which restarts your pc without loading your windows desktop. So uninstall only that apps which don’t need to run your device.



This method is 100% working and safe. But, I would personally suggest you delete system apps only. Don’t remove any Android-related apps from your Android device. So, was this trick helpful? If you face any problem regarding uninstalling pre-installed apps from your Android. Then, make a comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. I Hope How To Uninstall System Apps Android Without Root? this article is very usefull for you.

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