How To Move Contacts From Android To Iphone Easily Simple Ways

How To Move Contacts From Android To Iphone Easily Simple Ways

Hello if you are facing a problem of transfer contacts from android to iPhone. Dontwory In this post we solution of this problem. In this post, we discussed “How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone Easily Simple Steps“.switch contacts the use of a Google account (easy) if you’ve been using your Android phone and Google account (Gmail, Google Play and so on) for any duration of time the chances are that all of your contacts can be associated with your Google account. no less than the ones you use most usually must be.

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How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone Easily Simple 4 Methods

Make certain you have subsidized up your Android smartphone. visit Settings on your Android phone and select “money owed and Sync” or comparable. (The variant among the specific active versions of Android, and the one-of-a-kind modded variations supplied by way of the diverse handset producers, make it difficult to be particular approximately the wording.)

Input your Gmail account info and enable synchronization. Your cellphone contacts and Google Contacts ought to now synchronize.

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Then release your new iPhone. Open the Settings app, scroll down and faucet bills & Passwords (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars in a few older versions of iOS), then upload your Gmail account. ensure Contacts are enabled for the account. You must now find that every one of your Google contacts is on your iPhone.

Here is We introduce 4 Methods To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone Easily

#1. Use the Move to iOS App

How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone
How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone

Apple has made transferring facts from Android to iPhone clean with its flow to iOS app for Android devices, that’s to be had inside the Google Play keep. This app consolidates all the data for your Android device—contacts, text messages, images and movies, calendar, email debts, internet site bookmarks – and then imports them onto your new iPhone over wi-fi. The method could not be less difficult.

when you have an Android phone or tablet jogging Android 4.0 or higher and an iPhone running 9.3 or higher, download pass to iOS from Google Play and get commenced. It does not transfer your Android apps, but it makes hints from the App store based totally on the apps you’ve got to your Android device. Matching unfastened apps are cautioned for download throughout the switch. Matching paid apps are brought to your App shop Wishlist for your attention later.

#2.Use iTunes

The Second method for transferring your contacts from one platform to another involves the classic way of syncing data to the iPhone: iTunes.

This method assumes that you have a computer you syncing data to, rather than just syncing with the cloud. If so, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Android device to your computer and sync it with your address book data. If you are running Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you can download the Windows Phone Companion from the Microsoft Store for this purpose.
  • Once your Android data has been synced, connect your iPhone to the computer to sync it.
  • In iTunes, click the iPhone icon in the top left corner beneath the playback controls.
  • With the iPhone management screen open, click the Info menu in the left column.
  • On that screen, check the box next to Sync Contacts with to enable address book syncing.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the address book program you use.
  • Click the button next to All Contacts.
  • Click the Apply button in the bottom right corner to save this setting and transfer all your contacts to the iPhone.

#3. Use Your SIM Card

in case you are simplest interested in moving your contacts, you could accomplish that through the use of your SIM card. considering that you could store address book statistics on an Android SIM card, you may again up your contacts there and flow them on your iPhone. The Sim cards need to be the identical length in each gadget. All iPhones starting with iPhone 5 use Nano SIMs.

How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone
How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone

right here’s what you want to do:

  • On your Android device, back up your address book contacts to your device’s SIM card.
  • Remove the SIM card from your Android device.
  • Insert the SIM card into your iPhone.
  • On the iPhone, tap the Settings app to open it.
  • Tap Contacts (on some older versions of the iOS, this is Mail, Contacts, Calendars).
  • Tap Import SIM Contacts.

When the transfer is done, your contacts are on your iPhone.

#4.Transfer Android contacts to iPhone through Google Mail (Gmail)

another clean technique to observe when transferring your Android contacts to an iPhone is thru Google’s Gmail (you need a Google account). while you add a new contact to your smartphone, it’ll always ask in case you want to feature it to the SIM card or Gmail. The purpose for that is you will be able to migrate your contacts to iOS in a while.

How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone
How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone
Out of your Android device:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts and Sync
  2. Choose Google and enter your Gmail credentials (Username and Password)

with the aid of getting your Gmail account credentials, you let Android sync the contacts from either your SIM card or current contacts on the tool in your Gmail account. as soon as that has been looked after, Head over to the iPhone and additionally visit Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the Settings app. This time, we aren’t going to pick out Import from SIM, but as a substitute tap on Gmail.

How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone
How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone

you’ll be asked for the Gmail account credentials again. when you log in it will ask which information could you like to spark off. There are Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes. What we need is Contacts, but if you additionally have other stuff, experience unfastened to toggle them on. Your Android contacts have to get imported when you permit Gmail to sync it to the

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Honestly, you could also use a third-party app, but we feel like its better to just go one of the three listed routes as they are less complicated, and utilize accounts you already had for your iPhone or will need for your new Android devices. There are likely a few more ways to transfer contacts from iPhones to Android devices as well, but the methods listed above are by far the easiest. Do you have any other methods? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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