DEAD NINJA Mortal Shadow Apk Mod v1.1.43 Download For Android

DEAD NINJA Mortal Shadow Apk Mod v1.1.43 Download For Android

Here We Discussed DEAD NINJA Mortal Shadow Apk Mod v1.1.43 Download For Android 

Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow is a 2D activity platformer where you play a ninja. You will probably achieve the finish of each level, while attempting to obliterate every one of the adversaries you can en route. Be cautious however, everything necessary it one hit to murder your ninja.The control framework in Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow is straightforward. You should simply tap the piece of the screen where you need your saint to move. To murder a foe, you simply need to experience him while you’re running. So, if the adversary has seen you and is set up to assault, at that point he’s the person who will execute you with a solitary hit.In Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow, you can discover more than 100 distinct levels where you objective is dependably the same: achieve the end alive. As you propel, the levels turn out to be increasingly troublesome. Fortunately, you can likewise open five unique capacities that let you murder your foes much more viably.DEAD NINJA Mortal Shadow Apk Mod v1.1.43 Download For Android

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DEAD NINJA Mortal Shadow Apk Mod v1.1.43 Download For Android


What Is Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow

Dead ninja mortal shadow amusement is an activity experience diversion composed in an exceptionally enormous manner that likewise has some unpleasant things about it that could get one been apprehensive about the diversion which also is something that contains a high terrible exercises on it that contrarily makes one feel or see the amusement as an appalling diversion relying upon it’s method for origination. “I’m the shadow” like the amusement said in it’s character and this Shadow is some sort of an incitement towards the capacities of how it’s been expressed or known by it’s fundamental character.

Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow – An exciting experience diversion for android about a ninja who goes during the evening. You need to demonstrate all your nimbleness. The diversion is designed in dull hues to additionally underline the entire environment of the dim time. Administration in the diversion is done with a solitary touch, which makes the amusement more like a sprinter.

Damnation accompanies the intensity of murkiness”The evil shadow starts things out to the human world for one reason, to crush. With dim power, rebuff your adversaries. Be quick, stealthy and dangerous. Enter the universe of the ninja and be the demise.Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow (MOD, boundless cash) – Be quiet executioner, wounds and shred adversaries. The amusement is made in dull hues, and will engage all enthusiasts of shooters to scroll. Obviously administration is completed by methods for Taps. What’s more, countless. Really great illustrations and an extremely wonderful plan enamored a large number of players from around the globe.


Numerous levels

Different rewards

Superb soundtrack

Jazzy graphics

Many levels

Superb soundtrack

Jazzy illustrations

Assume the part of the principle character, a ninja dead!

Hopping, climbing branches and diverse assignments to propel the procedure

One of a kind power with the capacity to redesign by you

A wide range of adversaries with uncommon capacities and exceptional

A wide range of obstructions, for example, rocks, and so forth to keep you

Incredible designs, awesome sound and contact controllers adequate


Internet gameplay mode coming soon… .

No Ads option* (Help online wake up!)

bugs settled

Raven s Crypt*

Military Empire*

The Dark Tide*

Covetousness Bridge

Dozing Village

Bluff Path

Destroy Fortress

The Ferryman

*touchh settled

*bug arrange 13 to 20 settled

*bug organize 9 settled

*bug organize 8 settled


Talking about The gameplay, The gameplay of Dead ninja mortal shadow diversion is extremely a phenomenal one yet there now and again it’ll look so terrible on account of it’s poor controls that wouldn’t permit you move smoothly rather it controls itself along these lines running up sprightlily that isn’t great to the player at that very point in time of playing the amusement. On the amusement you will probably achieve the finish of each level, while endeavoring to annihilate every one of the adversaries you go along the way. Be watchful however, everything necessary is one hit to kill your ninja which got me completely confounded when I came at that part like you wouldn’t have a seconds of time to battle the insidious ninja so it’s left for you to make a move and move quick in killing of the malevolent ninjas.running in a straight vertical place along these lines not permitting or giving a going astray line however the amusement is simply moving straight so there’s extremely not at all like going into another part and there again while moving you’ll have to swipe your swords as quick as what you can inability to do this the awful ninja slaughters you promptly and that prompts having a terrible gameplay for you right then and there.



Talking about the designs, Graphically it has a poor realistic that at last makes the amusement look exhausting to play like playing an activity diversion with awful illustrations is something disillusioning and not great by any means. The shades of the earth and the manner in which it was been intended to be were normally poor and substandard to its qualities of the manner in which it ought to have been similar to. The designs of this diversion is somewhat of a blended sack of good and awful. So The great is, most importantly, The smooth ninjas outlines that were very amazing. The ninjas move smoothly and look great. Likewise, The character models are great and surfaces aren’t excessively hazy however the blood is extremely practical as well, it splatters and remains there for whatever remains of the diversion aside from when a level completes. The awful is that there are many graphical glitches and some cut-out issues. be that as it may, in spite of the fact that it’s generally a gorgeous amusement in the other route round of it. Everything about it’s shading and designs is dark and dim outline with simply the intermittent cut of red as you take out a protect. what’s more, frankly, it is very liberal. Despite the fact that a few parts of the gameplay and the designs are not grown well I still fundamentally delighted in it a great deal.


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