How To Change IMEI Number On Android Without Root (Simple Methods)

How To Change IMEI Number On Android Without Root (Simple Methods)

How To Change IMEI Number On Android Without Root (Simple Methods)

I know you want to change your IMEI number but one Question in your mind how i change my device IMEI, don’t worry about this Here is we  discussed  ‘How To Change IMEI Number On My Android Phone?’ We have already caught your problem. In This Tutorial, You will get to know about Change IMEI Number Android Without Root. You will be able to Change IMEI of any android based phone including Nokia, Samsung & Others companies smartphones. In this post, I show you some methods and these methods is work properly and I hope this method is very useful for you.

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How To Change IMEI Number On Android Without Root (Simple Methods)

Today every person have an android phone and they use the Android device in there daily life. Today android device became a very important thing for humanity in the android device you do anything that you wants. but some time for personal reasons we want to change our device IMEI Number. But changing IMEI number is very difficult for us but it is possible. provide imei numbers and change IMEI is only doing by companies. In this post, we introduce very simple methods whos change your device IMEI number.

I effectively shared such huge numbers of Android Tricks and instructional exercises and right this minute when yet again I’m again with such an unrivaled change for Android clients. Take a gander at my past instructional exercise to shift Android Device ID of your phone. Today I’m going to sharing an article on Android Tricks, In this instructional exercise, I’ll illuminate you, How to differ IMEI assortment of any android phone. You will get stunned in the wake of concentrate this method as there’s nothing arduous to see in it and furthermore you don’t accept how simple it’s to fluctuate Android IMEI Number inside seconds.

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For What Reason Do People Change IMEI Number?

You folks may have seen that a portion of the Android applications doesn’t give us a chance to enroll twice on a similar telephone. This is a result of IMEI Which is otherwise called Device ID. While by and large, individuals utilize this IMEI Recover Tricks to repair their IMEI number. Since a portion of the IMEI gets boycotted or doesn’t work in particular nations likewise, After Custom ROM. Most Custom ROM’s Break of Damage China Devices IMEI Number. So around then, IMEI Repair Tricks is the main answer for Fix IMEI Null, IMEI Invalid, Not Registered On Network and Unknown Baseband.


So What Is IMEI Number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identification or serial number that all mobile phones and smartphones have. It is normally 15digits long. The IMEI number can be found on the silver sticker on the back of your phone, under the battery pack, or on the box, your phone came in.


Benefits Of  Changing IMEI Number

  • There are a plenty of points of interest for an Android client by changing their portable’s IMEI number. We have recorded a couple of them that can be advantageous to every one of the clients of Android gadget.
  • One can without much of a stretch make their Android gadget untraceable by changing the IMEI.
  • On the off chance that you modify the IMEI number every now and again, you can anchor yourself from the traps of obscure stalkers.
  • It would be simple for the clients in settling the issues identified with invalid IMEI or at whatever point the IMEI is lost. Regardless of whether you change the IMEI number, the gadget capacities like before with comparable highlights and preferences.
  • When you change the IMEI number, you can get a radical new gadget ID.
  • Sometimes, your more established form of Android gadget probably won’t demonstrate the most recent OS updates. By changing the IMEI number, your gadget’s model will be refreshed to the new form and you can get the new OS updates.

Let’s Learn How To Change IMEI Number On Android Without Root Only Using Simple Steps

First Learn Warning It’s Very Important For You

Warning: Changing of IMEI number is Illegal in some countries. This trick is only shared with the goal of Fix IMEI Null, IMEI Invalid & Not Registered on Network Problem. Which is now seen on some of Android Phones.


Method 1 To Change IMEI Number On Android [Without Root]

Step #1– Firstly we need to enter into Engineer Mode on android. You can use Mobileuncle Tools APK to enter into Engineering Mode. Or just dial those number on your phone dialer



Step #2– Once Mobileuncle Tools is installed launch the app then go-to Engineer Mode – Engineer Mode (MTK). Now you enter Engineer Mode on your device.



Step #3– Now go to Connectivity Tab then go to CDS Information.

Step #4– Then tap on Radio Information.

Step #5– Now Phone Information will pop-up. Instead of IMEI, you will get Phone 1 & Phone 2 Option.



Step #6– Tap Phone 1 for SIM1 [IMEI_1] & Phone 2 for SIM2 [IMEI_2].

Step #7– One now Radio Information windows pop-up. Now in Command field enter the commands.

Step #8– Replace ‘YOUR 15 DIGITS IMEI‘ with your new IMEI Number. Ex: AT +EGMR=1,7,”1234567890″.


Step #9– Finally Hit ‘Send AT Command‘ & restart your android phone.


Method 2 to Change IMEI Number on Android [Without Rooting]


Step #1-  First of all, go to Settings on Android device.

Step#2-  Tap the option that says ‘Backup & Reset’.

Step#3- On the next ‘Backup & Reset’ screen, you can find the option that says ‘Factory Data Reset’



Step#4-  A notification appears on the screen asking you to create a new Android ID [some random number].



Step#5- You can then change the IMEI number by giving a new IMEI number based on your choice.


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Method 3 to Change IMEI Number on Android [Without Rooting]


Step#1-  First of all be aware actual IMEI variety of your android, by this if you wish to flip again in your actual IMEI quantity, you may paste it (Or you can see it later in IMEI Changer App).


Dial *#6# kind your cell Dialpad to get unique

IMEI variety of your telephone.


Step#2- Now open Xposed installer app in your machine and Tick mark on IMEI Number Changer app’s choice.

Step#3- Now, restart your Android Device.

Step#4- After restarting, open IMEI Changer app, it can present your Real IMEI quantity in present IMEI quantity’s choice.

Step#5 – Now change your IMEI Number from New IMEI quantity choice and click on Apply.

Step#6- It will present your New IMEI quantity in Current IMEI quantity field.

Step#7- Now Reboot your machine and on startup examine your IMEI quantity once more by dialing *#6#.

Step#8- Now!! Your IMEI quantity is efficiently Changed.


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Method 4 To Change IMEI Number On Android [Without Root]

Step#1- On your Android phone’s dial pad, enter *#7465625# or *#*#3646633.

Step#2- Just tap the Connectivity option or call pad.

Step#3- Explore the CDS information and hit the same.


Step#4- You can then check the Radio information.

Step#5- If your Android phone is a dual SIM phone then, you can see 2 options. The two options include IMEI_1[SIM1] and IMEI_2[SIM2].



Step#6- You can pick any of the options for which you want to alter the IMEI number.

Step#7- You can change the IMEI number as provided below.

Step#8- AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” and “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2”

Step#9- You can then replace IMEI1 or IMEI2 and then hit SEND option.


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Final Words:

So, that is How you may change IMEI Number in Android simply through the use of android IMEI Number changer app. If your Android just is not rooted and also you don’t even need to do that then you may observe our second technique which described, How to Change IMEI Number in Android without rooting. So hope this article is very helpful For You If You like this article please share and If you want another this types of tricks comment below with tittle we also publish a tutorial.

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