Top 20+ Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2019

Top 20+ Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2019

Let’s have look at Top 20+ Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2019, Android is a  pretty smart device in which you can customize many things with plenty of cool apps. And in this Postwe can be discussing some of the onesin case you’re losing the interest of the lock display on your Android device, then test out this put up on shouldattempt Lock display screen alternative Apps on your Android. As your inventory Android lock display isn’t that plenty cool as you may want and that is why there is a need to attempt out a number of the exceptional apps with a purpose to completely change your Android lock screen and will provide you a sparkling appearance on your Android. And for that, you want to follow the whole manual mentioned under.

Lock screens guard your privatenessdata and also protects your device when your device by chance wakes up. for this reasonhere we provide you with some of “the best lock screen apps 2019″ so that it will offer you with some of the surprising functions which you would really like to have. So allow’s check this listing and discover what they ought to provide.

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List Of Top 20 Best Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2019 (Must-Try) And Free Download


20. Gesture Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App

Top 30 Best Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2018
Top 30 Best Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2018

Best Lock Screen Apps For Android This app allows you to set custom passwords with a PIN or pattern code. It also offers fingerprint unlock in hardware sorted devices. The notifications from present-day apps along with Gmail, Whatsapp can be considered. Many gears along with brief access to the digicam, Flashlight, WiFi and many others are to be hadadditionally, it checks the nearby weather with automated updates. some more features are controlling the music playerchanging wallpapers, and many others.

19. ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker, The other best lock screen app for Android and the best-rated material design locker, which would make your display screen lock unbelievably lovelyperformance and security are the more users can experience on it.The HD wallpapers will automatically be replacedstart your new day with one new awesome photo every daythe exclusive fashion format come up with lots choice to make your lock display uniquecarefully designed interaction logic enables you to experience the visible experience and fluency operation. ZUI Locker is the satisfactory lock screen substitute.It makes your screen easy and delightful similar to silk.

18. CM Locker – Security Lockscreen

This is other best screen lock for android CM Locker protects your exclusive data lock your cell phone’s display screen to comfy your privateness. Anti-robbery safety allows you to locate your lost phone, remotely lock it and allow its siren. The Intruder Selfie feature snaps pics of intruders who enter the incorrect password. download CM Locker and get excellent HD Wallpapers and topic totally free!

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17. Next Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App

Next Lock Screen is the ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. Next helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you are instantly more productive. It is an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life.


16. SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

The notification bar looks great when you use this app which won’t let you miss any notification. You can customize your lock screen in any way you wish to. Each day of yours starts with an amazing wallpaper.


15. Signature Lock Screen

Tired of the old patterns and Password Lock to lock your mobile Signature lock screen is the solution. Here is a unique Signature lock screen on my Android. Draw letters, draw numbers, draw shapes, draw signatures and draw contextual Signature to unlock. Presentation Signature Lock screen password for silence opens all your favorite applications enclosing the fastidious password or any motive and who want some creative application and enclose the application to start. With his finger Signature on a reduction, navigation from one program to another by simply drawing a Signature with a finger on your device.The signature lock screen is the best way to secure your data and your phone with Signature or password.


14. Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian

This handy screen Lock guardian protects your images and apps from snoopers. know who tried to break in with the silent selfie characteristic, and set a maximum quantity of unlocking triessimply set a PIN range or a sample and you are equipped to move!On the pinnacle of increasing your smartphone’s safetyscreen Lock mother or father additionally indicates local climate forecast information inside the locking display screenin addition to the present day time. And with the integrated launcher, you can open up to 5 apps immediately from the lock display screen!

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13. My Name Lock Screen

Image result for My name Lock screen

My name Lock screen is an software to guard your smartphone via keypad password,
it is very beautiful and smooth to customize your display screen lock with many stunning wallpapers and all kinds of personalized settings.T his app lets you to customize your cellular lock display screen with your callimage and your background, however, a PIN is also set. It comes with a selection of customization featuresyou may lead photographs from gthe allery or immediately from the cameraadditionally, it has one-of-a-kind outcomes.


12. GO Locker – theme & wallpaper

go Locker, a lock display screen offering relativelyrecommended securitystability and compatibility, ranking number one locker with top downloads in Google Play, customized with tthe ype of topics! The most stable lock display screen can be adapted to extra than 8000 styles of phonesnearly 100 million downloads, one millionuser reviews and a 4.fourfamous person score, that’s cross Locker! never worry about your privateness once more as move Locker will completely lock home button from waking up your display screenyou can set switches at the left screenadditionallyyou could clean the strolling apps to boost your cell phone up!


11. C Locker Free

Image result for c Locker

This is an other best lock screen app C Locker As the quality and elements of the lock Screen application increments with diminishing the Rank on our List. The module began being paid for Free. Be that as it may, C Locker accompanies two convenient variants. One is Paid and another is Free. We are discussing the Free form here. Albeit Paid form has its different advantage.

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10. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget


This isn’t always exactly a lock screen app. It’s sincerely a lock display screen widget. however, this app has the capability to update the conventional lock screen of your Android tool. The widget delivers the primary stats like time, weather and notifications without delay at the lock display screen itself.

9. Picturesque | Best Lock Screen


Picturesque provide users shortcut for wallpaper, Notifications, quick launch camera, cricket, top news, weather, tools, search the web, call/messages to launch directly from the lock screen itself. Picturesque Lock Screen by Microsoft is one stop solution to all your lock screen problems.

8. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo is the fastest and coolest lock screen for your notifications. This lock screen lets users create notification categories such as ‘work,’ ‘media’ and ‘social’ and also lets users choose the apps to go with them.


7. AcDisplay


This is the other best Lock Screen App For Android AcDisplay is a brand new way of managing notifications in’s going to allow you to realize approximately new notifications via displaying a minimumbeautiful screenallowing you to open them without delay from the lock screen. And in case you want to peer what is taking placeyou may certainly take your cell phone from your pocket to view all of the ultra-modern notifications, in a in addition captivating and minimalistic way.

6 . Coverock Screen (beta)

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

This is the other best lock screen app for android. this app is one of the excellent app this is in my view suggested by me as that is the superb app that makes your Android lock screen cooler. With this app, you’ll get speedy access to the right apps at the proper time. cover learns which apps you use in distinct contexts and places them properly in your lock screen for clean accessautomatically see different apps at homein the car, at work, and whilst you’re out.

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5.  LokLok | The Best Lock Screen App


LokLok replaces your Android lock screen with a shared whiteboard this is constantly in sync with you and whoever you are connected to. Create a group with one or extra-human beings, and whenever someone modifications their lock display screen it’ll be automatically updated on everybody else’s


4. Exercise your grey matter with Semper

Image result for Semper app

Learn a language without spending hours and hours studying vocabulary. Semper takes care of memorizing. Made by people who love learning but hate studying, Semper is the most efficient way of learning words, phrases or facts.

3. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

as the name says, this app does an excellent processthis is what it does while someone tries to sneak into one’s cellphone the alarm triggers. The app is to be had without cost in Play keep. This app has different features which might be unlocked on the in-app purchases. I propose this app to every person who has ever had their telephone stolen or fears that it’d take place. Do you fear that your phone is taken at the same time as you’re distracted? Or that a person examine your personal information? Alarm Anti-theft the software is right for you, if someone get your cell phone at the same time as Alarm Anti-robbery is enabled, it’s going to sound a noisy alarm, fireplace a police siren, starts to vibrate and blink effects at the displayconsequently making the character desist from taking your phone, or better you recognize a person is with him.

2. Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash

Slidejoy - Lock Screen Cash


Slidejoy helps you to make money to check trending information and to release your lock display screen! Slidejoy can pay you in cash or rewards you in gift playing cards to have trending information and advertisements in your lock display screen. Redeem cash rewards for your PayPal account or present card rewards on your favored stores/brands.

1. Solo Locker (DIY Locker)

Image result for solo lock screen app

The DIY Locker has changed into Solo Locker now!The product of Solo System by NewBornTown(Newborn-Town).The world’s first DIY screen locker, allowing you to lock your phone with photos. Smooth, lite, and ready to increase your privacy security.The world’s first DIY pattern locker in the style of material design.Solo Locker(DIY Locker) adds fun and personality to your unlocking patterns.SoloLocker(DIY Locker) provides you with spectacular wallpapers and lock screen themes with unique unlocking styles, as well as application shortcuts to make your phone easy to use. You can even set your idols as your screen lock, so make your cell locker different right now


So here is a “(20+) Best Free Lock Screen Apps For Android List Of 2018“. Use these apps, and you can easily make your Android lock screen cool and give your device an amazing look. Try all the apps and tell us your experience with these apps and hope you like the work. I hope This article is very helpful for you If you like this article keep sharing.

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