Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download

Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download

In this post we discussed about Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download If you were expecting one thing exciting and new on the platform, well, I even have some dangerous news for you. Angry Birds Evolution may be a free-to-play gacha game through and thru. meaning you’ll expect all of the shady mechanics usually found within theoverwhelming majority of FTP golemgames. Rest assured, you’ll be grinding away so as to unlock your next Angry Bird, simply hoping for that one rara avisthat also eludes you. currently add on prime of that varied evolution mechanics, and you’ll begin to urge the image of what this unharness has been designed from the bottom up to deliver. No, not a worthy vice expertise, but money. it’s continuously cash.In this post we able to download Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download.

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Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download

Angry birds: Evolution – facilitate the birds defend their home island from the invasion of tough pigs. Shoot birds to form them crash enemies and destroy them. Gather a team of distinctive birds during this merry mechanical man game. begin your means across bright locations of an improbable island. Fight against pigs watching for your squad at each step. Unlock new feathered heroes and train them to extend fighting skills of your birds. Get valuable trophies within the battles. Challenge players from everywhere the planet and win tournaments.

Angry Birds could be a game whenever you have got to throw a series of birds against totally different forts and structures created by very little pigs. the target is to require down all the pigs and cause the maximum amount destruction as potential within the method.

You can throw the birds as if you were employing a catapult. In fact, the gameplay is harking back to associate older genre within which you had to interrupt down castles with stones. (Yes, it did exist before Angry Birds.) you will have to aim well, hard the strength of the shot so cathartic the bird. With some facilitate from gravity, it’ll slip on the structure and take down a number of the enemy pigs.

Collect assemble and evolve your flock.
100+ crazy new Angry Birds?! We’re gonna want a much bigger nest. The flock is greater and worse than ever before. Build your own team mix super skills and evolve your birds into their finalkind.Embark on associate degree epic journey.
Something sinister is production on Bird Island. Why square measure there such a large amount of pigs around? UN agency is behind the mysterious Bacon Corp? What’s the Eagle Force? UN agency lost the dungeon keys? realizethe answers – solely in Angry Birds Evolution.Crush the pigs in explosive battles.
What’s worse than egg-stealing pigs? Over ninety totally different styles ofegg-stealing Pigs that is what. Pirates ninjas tourists – somebody needs toclean this place up. Let the feathers fly fully contact battles and send the pigs packing.


Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download
Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download
Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download
Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download
Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download
Angry Birds Evolution 1.24.1 APK [Mod+Data] Latest Download


  • Over 100 colorful new characters to hatch and collect.
  • Assemble the last word flock of birds and take down the pigs with ease.
  • Five classes of birds with distinctive skills.
    Evolve your feathery heroes into unbeatable super birds.
  • Battle totally different players among the Oinktagon.
  • Be a locality of clans to unlock perks, compete with totally different clans, and chat with clanmates.
  • channelize scouts for rewards & challenges.


  • Two worlds collide in our tribute to metal gods, IRON MAIDEN! This Hallowe’en, an instrument of torture organism, Eddie has return to Angry Birds Evolution to reap piggy souls. For a restricted time, all players have an opportunity to hatch Eddie the Bird from golden eggs. Welcome to the foremost METAL Hallowe’en ever!

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HOW TO DOWNLOAD (Angry Birds Evolution)

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to be compelled to transfer the apk file and obb file of Angry Birds Evolution on your smartphone. you’ll even transfer the files to your laptop computer or laptop and so transfer it to your smartphone via USB cable. when downloading the apk file on your smartphone, find it and click on install. However, a number of you’ll notice that the installation method isn’t happening. Why is it so?
  2. It may be attributable to your phone’s settings which may be preventing the installation from unknown sources. So, in this case, you’ll have to be compelled to modify the settings initially.
  3. To change your phone’s setting, you’ll have to be compelled to attend settings choice and appearance for ‘Lock screen and security’ and click on thereon. Next, you’ll realize completely different choices as shown in the screenshot. Out of those, attend the choice of Unknown sources and swipe towards the proper to modify the installation from ‘unknown sources’.
  4. Additionally, you’ll be asked whether or not you wish to use this setting for all transfers or simply for that individual download. So, you’ll opt for the choice consequently.
  5. Currently, open the downloaded file of Angry Birds Evolution mod apk. you’ll find the file either by employing a file manager or by directly getting to the downloads list.
  6. Once you have got set the apk file, open it and click on ‘Install’. directly, the installation method can begin.
  7. Now, look ahead to the installation method to complete. It typically takes few seconds. Next, the screen can show ‘Installed’ standing.
  8. currently, once more attend the downloads list and find the obb file (.zip). Extract the file using an extracting tool. Next, you’ll have to be compelled to copy the extracted files to the location: sdcard/Android/obb. After this, you’ll run your game and luxuriate in the gameplay.
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